Poison Ivy Soap and Salve

After having many customers ask if I have Poison Ivy Soap, I did lots of research and found Jewelweed to be the best ingredient to help with Poison Ivy, Sumac, Oak and Stinging Nettle.
I found it growing in a wooded area near my home and then infused it in Olive Oil.  After making the soap, I made a salve with some more of the infused Olive Oil!  Jewelweed also takes the itch out of Mosquito bites!
I  had a customer buy a jar of salve and a week later told me that her husband had a spider bite that was inflamed and the salve reduced the pain and swelling!
Soap Ingredients: Jewelweed infused Olive Oil , Coconut and Organic Palm Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil
Salve Ingredients:  Jewelweed Infused Olive Oil, Beeswax and Tea Tree Essential Oil