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Hi! My name is Ricki and I am a wife and a mother of three sons. I also practice Reflexology out of my home with an average of 40-50 appointments a month. When I’m not making soap or working on a client, I am usually cheering for one of my boys while they play basketball! I am constantly aware of what we eat and put on our skin. It is a constant battle with all the processed foods, artificial colors and chemicals that are made available to us as consumers, but I try to do what is best for my family.

I have made bar soap in my kitchen for 8  years and have experimented with lots of different oils and recipes! My soaps are made with over 50% olive oil with added coconut oil which gives it a lot of lather and Organic Palm oil to make your bar last longer! I have found these three ingredients to produce a great bar of soap. I scent my soap with all natural essential oils, which are plant-based, and other natural ingredients like goat’s milk, honey and oatmeal! What started out as a hobby has now turned into a small business that brings me a lot of satisfaction knowing people are using a better product than what they can buy in a store.


  • Steve Benninghoff

    The website looks great- very nice presentation-

  • admin

    thanks Steve!!

  • Jeff

    Best soap ever!

  • Tonya Champion Mester

    Ricki Lynn…….
    I love the spice soap you make for me.
    My plaque psor has improved so much because of your awesome recipe combination. I appreciate your dedication to quality ingredients

    • Thanks Tonya!!

  • I tried your soap for the fist time, and myself as well as my family love it. Thank you.

  • Connie Byerly Leadbetter

    Tried your soap for the first time and I am already in love with them. I used the Almond and Honey with Goat’s Milk bar soap. Love the smell and it made my skin feel so soft and smooth! I went to school with your mom and see her posts on Facebook about your soap so yesterday my daughter and friends went to the Wine Walk in Brookville and I had her pick me up several items. I will definitely be purchasing more and trying all your scents.

    Thanks Ricki for the great product!


    • Thanks Connie for the wonderful comment! Enjoy!

  • Sean

    My wife bought some of your soap and we love it. I am looking to put together gift baskets of them for about 100 people at my company and cannot get in touch. Could you give me a phone number to contact you?

    • Thank you for considering my soaps for your gift baskets! You can contact me at 717 865-3252.

  • Bernie

    Will you be at the Central Dauphin HS Craft Show this Saturday, March 28th (9-3)?

  • Christine

    Love your shampoo bars!! Great stuff. I had some questions and composed an email, but it would not send. Said there was an error…. Thought I would let you know.

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